Welcome to the DigitalDoctER! This is a website that I have been dreaming of starting for almost 3 years now. I have found that my interestests in and out of medicine have varied widley. I have switched from one thing to the next starting different blogs, and podcasts that all focused on a certain topic or point that I was, for a time, extremly interested in. The problem is like most ER doctors, I have a little ADD and would move on to something new leaving a small batch of good blog posts or podcasts on a topic, but no way to connect all the dots. So this website is my attempt to connect all the my interesting dots. I love technology and have always been extremely interested in its intersection with medicine. I am an unapologetic apple fanboy - and as such will post review videos on how I use technology to improve my everyday life as well as my practice of medicine. One of the major reasons that I choose emergency medicine was the amazing breadth of knowledge that is required to be an exceptional emergency physician. In no other specialty can you go from managing 90 year old to a 9 day old.  It was this vastness that has become both a blessing and a curse, this site will also act as my catalyst for continued learning and what I hope is educational content for the masses. I have paired up with MEDTAC a company that makes medical and trauma kits, their goals are similar to mine, educate everyone on life saving procedures and put life saving tools in the hands of everybody because if you are prepared, you can make a difference. They have agreed to be my bandwith sponsor for this website, and I will continue to make educational content for basic life support and implementation of common tools such as tourniquets that everyone can use to save a life. I am currently a Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) fellow. POCUS was a natural draw for me - it is truly an intersection where technology has fundamentally changed the practice of medicine. As such I have started a podcast/blog with the focus of POCUS education. The EMUS podcast will focus on core ultrasound content and how it can be and should be implemented in the daily practice of Emergency Medicine.

The Chiefs Complaint is a podcast that I started at the end of my second year of residency. I chose to perform a chief year as an R3 at Maricopa Medical Center. I learned alot about leadership and dived pretty deep into the "leadership literature." I am no great leader, but I have my opinions on the way one should lead, which has been shaped by what I have read and by my specific life experiences. If you have any interest in learning more about leadership and my opinions about it follow along at The Chiefs Complaint blog and podcast. 

Finally - I am some what of atypical ER doc in that I do not rock climb, nor do I mountain bike... I know, how did I even get into an Emergency Medicine Residency you might ask? Well I am not sure, but I did. No I do not do "out doorsy" things, I would much rather wrap up in a corner with my kindle and consume sci-fi fantasy novels, and when time allows play some competitive video games. These are my hobbies that add meaning and joy to my life. I hope you dont mind if I share some of my more personal thoughts and topics in my DuneDoctor blog. Here I will talk about what I am reading and playing as well as some parenting thoughts as this is what consumes the rest of my "free" time!

My hope with this website is that you can pick and choose what you are interested in, maybe some of your interests will overlap with mine, maybe you will like what I say - or you know maybe you wont, in that case please just move on and don't be a dick. If you do like the content please consider heading over to MedTac and look at purchasing some of their phenominal products to help me keep this going.